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Six years ago, I completed my Master's degree in Sport Administration and left behind my stable, normal life in Canada to move to Europe to support my husband's career. 

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to call four different countries “home” and have been able to travel to countless more. I’ve gained unique work experience in cultures & languages different to my own, and because of all of this exposure to different work environments, I’ve learned to be more adaptable, empathetic and diverse in my thinking.

While living this somewhat nomadic lifestyle, I’ve found myself craving an outlet to express my creativity and put my problem solving & project-doing skills to good use. A lot of soul-searching (and Google-searching) lead me to Designlab’s Design 101 course, where I was first introduced to the world of UX/UI design. From the first assignment, I was hooked, and continued on with their branding course before applying to the DesignLab’s UX Academy.

UX/UI Design has opened my eyes to a new creative process, where I can translate my creativity & problem solving techniques into design thinking. It’s allowed me to maintain my passion for interacting with people to achieve my goals and produce efficient, effective, purposeful products.

With the knowledge and experience I've gained through the UX Academy, I'm eager to put my skills to use and kick start my career in the field of design.


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